Top 4 Blog Posts of 2016

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By Ashley Kopmeyer

We did a little research to find out which posts you found most interesting in 2016.  The subject matter varied quite a bit.  See below to refresh your memory or, if you’re a first-timer, they are new to you.

4. Elections and Markets – Does Who Wins the Upcoming Election Really Matter for Your Portfolio? 9/12/16 – It seems like everyone is charged up about politics these days. My Facebook feed is peppered with posts on the subject, from commentary for or against certain candidates to complaints about too many opinionated political posts. This election season seems to be more amplified than usual…Read more.

3. Is this the year you will prepare for Medicare? Here is a helpful checklist – 1/5/15 – If you’re within a year of turning 65 – the age when Medicare coverage generally kicks in – it’s a good idea to begin gathering informational resources and educating yourself about your coverage options…Read more.

2. Buddha’s 10 Royal Qualities are Universal Leadership Principles – 8/10/15 – While so many things have changed in our world, particularly in the last couple decades given technology; there are IDEAS that remain relevant over thousands of years. Whatever your religion or belief system, most have guiding principles for how to behave and treat othersRead more.

1. Overfunding 529 Plans-Understanding the Consequences and Your Options – 3/25/15 – A 529 plan is a college savings vehicle widely used by families in their financial planning to save and invest for future college expenses. If you have heard of or use a 529 plan, you are probably aware of the warnings about not overfunding these plans for fear of paying income taxes and a penalty. In many cases…Read more.

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  1. Roger says:

    Um, 3, 2, and 1 are from 2015?

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