Top 5 Blog Posts of 2015

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We did a little research to find out which posts you found most interesting in 2015.  The subject matter varied quite a bit.  See below to refresh your memory or, if you’re a first-timer, they are new to you.

  1. Pat Amey’s Turning PointsAt the age of 31, I thought it would be difficult to identify the turning points in my life – the major life events that affected me personally and were then followed by important financial changes. As I really considered them, however, the issue was not a lack of events to pin point. Problem was there were too many in such a short period of time.  Read more.
  1. Does the Winner of the Super Bowl Influence the Stock Market? There is an old wives’ tale (or perhaps an old sportscasters’ tale) called the “Super Bowl indicator” that predicts if the stock market will be up or down for the year based on which team wins the big game. Read more.
  1. Changes to Social Security Rules and How They Can Affect YouThe Bipartisan Budget Act of 2015 brought significant changes to the way individuals and couples can claim their Social Security benefits. The bill’s intent is to close claiming “loopholes” that allow people to use a combination of claiming strategies to maximize their Social Security benefits. One of the most popular strategies …Read more.
  1. Overfunding 529 Plans-Understanding the Consequences and Your OptionsA 529 plan is a college savings vehicle widely used by families in their financial planning to save and invest for future college expenses. If you have heard of or use a 529 plan, you are probably aware of the warnings about not overfunding these plans for fear of paying income taxes and a penalty. In many cases…Read more.
  1. Things that Happen when You Have a 2nd ChildAfter adjusting to having one child, I thought I had this whole parenting thing figured out. We are now a family of four and I have found that having two kids is so much different than having a single child. I have learned many lessons and come to the realization that I am no longer in control.  Here are a few things that happen when you go from one child to twoRead more.

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