Top 4 Benefits of Being a Part-Time Working Mom

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By Ashley Kopmeyer

About two years ago, I made the transition to part-time work after my first child was born.  I remember thinking that it would just be a stepping stone to eventually quitting work altogether to be a full-time stay-at-home mom.  Now, it’s the opposite, I treasure my days at work just as much as I love spending time with my children.  If you’re thinking of making a similar change, here are the top benefits I’ve experienced:

  1. Work/Life Balance – It’s the best of both worlds! I feel like I can spend ample quality time with my children (be there when they’re sick, play, take walks, go to doctor appointments, etc.) while also continuing my career outside the home.  I am not expending my energy too much in one area.
  2. Financial Goals – I am still contributing financially to our family’s goals – savings, retirement, college funding, etc. Fortunately, my company matches 401(k) contributions.
  3. Culture – The culture at work is flexible and works around my schedule. For example, my co-workers do not schedule meetings or give me deadlines on days I don’t work.
  4. Career Continuation – While I can take this time to be with my kids, I will eventually want to go back to full-time work. Because I’ve been part-time, I won’t have a big gap in my resume, and I’m able to continue to build my skills and build my career.  Not to mention, when I’m at the office, I can go to the bathroom by myself!

Keep these benefits in mind if you are contemplating a career transition.  For more information about balancing life and financial planning goals, schedule a meeting by clicking below, contact Ashley Kopmeyer –, or call (913) 345-1881.

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