Emotional Intelligence in 2013

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Each year, the folks at Talent Smart put together a list of the top 5 Emotional Intelligence Highlights and Lowlights for the year.  Check these out for 2013.

Their number one, the CEO of AOL actually firing a senior level employee during a 1,000-person conference call meeting, is unbelievable.  I’ve seen bad behavior before and I’ve struggled at times to manage my emotions, but I’ve never seen anything this bad.  Do you think his team will follow this leader?  Will they trust him? It certainly sets a very powerful and ugly precedent.

The “emotional” baby is interesting in that it reflects the power of social intelligence and how those who follow us as leaders will mirror our emotional state.  If you are leading a team, recognize that how you handle your emotions will directly affect how your team handles theirs – they will mirror you.  So you must model the behavior you want.

All of these quick videos show how being aware of your emotions, controlling them and being aware of others and how we treat them leads to either positive or negative outcomes.  What will you choose?

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