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Sometimes things are going so well, for some reason we stop doing them.  That was the case with the early version of a group we now call KHC’s Travel Buddies.   Even today, some 12 years later, Joy and I and ten KHC clients who joined us for the trip still talk about the fantastic time we had in Florence and Tuscany.  We had one additional memorable trip to Ireland and Scotland a year later.  But then, for some reason, we stopped doing it.  Well, good news, KHC’s Travel Buddies is back.

The purpose of KHC’s Travel Buddies is to bring together like-minded clients, relatives, friends of clients, singles and couples who want to have fun, enjoy travel, food, wine, language, culture and art and want to meet people and perhaps create a travel buddy.

KHC sponsors the “club” but we’re not in charge.  We have met several times.  Our meetings are in the evenings of the first Wednesday of each month (this can change if the group requires).  Our plan is to engage one or the other for help in the planning and supervising our travel.  We hope the group will grow over time and that we’ll be able to take advantage of group discounts and have unique experiences.

KHC’s Travel Buddies is currently made up of seven individuals and couples (15 people in all).  We planned our first trip and it will be to New Orleans, Louisiana the 13th through 16th of March, 2015. We all agreed that a short trip in the States was probably a good idea to begin with.

As a group, we worked together to create an agenda of activities which includes a group cooking experience, travel to a famous plantation, a swamp tour, a unique art experience and a river boat cruise.  It will be a fun-packed long weekend.  We are planning to stay at a beautiful boutique hotel and have asked them to hold ten rooms (two more client couples have indicated an interest in joining us) to secure discount rates.

Normally, the plan is to travel as a group.  However, for the New Orleans trip, several of us will be traveling from other cities and thus will make our own arrangements.  People leaving from Kansas City or anyone requiring it will have assistance with their travel arrangements and transportation to the hotel.  Transportation to and from all events will be planned.

Ultimately, the goal for KHC’s Travel Buddies is to pick a destination to go to each year, study the culture and language of the region during the year prior to the trip, learn about the area’s food and wine and then go and experience it.  We recognize that not everyone will want to go on every trip, and that’s ok.  Personally, I believe attending the “club” meetings will be a positive experience in itself.

After the New Orleans trip, KHC’s Travel Buddies is planning a riverboat cruise in the south of France for the late summer of 2015.  Here’s to new adventures!

For more information, visit our website at or contact Stewart Koesten at 913-345-1881 or

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